I don’t even know how to tag this.

Too bad those who should be insulted by this probably won’t get it.

Politica MRI study results on typical day’s thinking differences between the liberal and conservative brains, (left/right)

Interviewing the architects of the Iraq Disaster on what do about now is like Joe McCarthy impaneling Himmler, Goebbels and Goering on what to do about the Red Threat during the Cold War. I used Fox, but ABC, NBC and CBS — even MSNBC (via Joe Scarborough) are equally to blame #IGNORETHEWARWHORES

Well gee George Will, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the “coveted status” of being a rape victim like those co-eds you describe. It’s available to disgraced asshole journalists too, you know!

Maybe McCain is right. We should keep Gitmo open, but only for these 6 more prisoners. He can be their guard, along with Liz Cheney to frisk Rice. Only torture: Keep MSNBC on 24/7. After each has written one chapter in a new book: “We Were Wrong, Abysmally Wrong” a parole board made up of vets with PTSD will decide if they are rehabilitated, As a condition of parole. Cheney agrees to open a Peace Studies Center at the University of Wyoming with 10,000 scholarships for children who have been severely injured in Iraq, and they get to bring their entire families with them, all granted American Citizenship. Only when the first one graduates will the prisoners be released, of course after they pass the translation exams (Farsi to Arabic) of the finest Iranian poetry. (How do you think they’ll have spent all that time in jail? What an opportunity to expand horizons, and they can teach at the new college!)