The old Godzilla was about our fear of Communism and Nuclear War.  The new one should be about the 1% literally crushing the middle class and the poor.

Or novel. Or memoir. Or anything

Or novel. Or memoir. Or anything

Wasn’t “Winterfell” and big Donna Summer hit?

So the problem with doing so much of your production design and art direction in Eastern Europe is that sooner or later, someone confuses “dragon” with “drag queen” 

Listen, when you get a good idea, you get a good idea. Not only am I as smart a Sherlock Holmes, but I intend to ask Benedict Cumberbatch to be my Prime Minister. (Yes, some people might think they’re voting for Robert Downey Jr., I can’t help if I look eerily like him)
Anyway, if I lose I’lI return all the money minus a measly million or two or three for expenses. Basically, whatever I need to make a movie. If you give more than $20,000 you can be in it, okay?
Donate what you can, but remember, no amount is too high!
Thanks Supreme Court!

I’ve always wondered what this luxuriant lady of John Singer Sargent was dreaming of, so I decided to supply an answer.